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Last Updated: 12 March 2008
We are passionate about German Shepherd Dogs! Even though we have eleven living GSD icons “decorating” our home, we felt we could never be surrounded by enough gorgeous Shepherds. We decided to design our own line of unique GSD themed items to display in our home. Soon, our friends and fellow Shepherd enthusiasts expressed an interest in obtaining some of our designs for their homes and kennels. We are pleased to offer you these items in our Bark Boutique.

We love beautiful dogs! If you would like us to feature your dog on one of our items, submit clear, hi-definition photos via email (or mail) & we will consider featuring your dog on future products. We credit the dogs in our photos and list their owners on the back of each item.

Custom designed items with your photos are available for an additional fee. (Custom designs take a little longer to ship as well.)
The Bark Boutique
Hand Made Gifts & Dog Essentials

Custom Designs Available

What better way to display your library of training books, German Shepherd Books, and magazines??
The dog featured on these book ends is Falco vom Haus Kirschental, owned by The Fullers, Germany
This is our Herding/Sheep Design

Choose from these designs: Protection, Herding, Show Stack, Puppies

Or order you own, custom designed just for you!

We have several designs in our leash holder collection.

The Holders are various shapes and all come with two pegs and a middle hook.
The dog featured above with autumn setting is our own, Kiddie vom Kirschental. The male pictured to the right is VA Teejay Wilhendorf, owned by John Henkel/ Zwinger vom Wilhendorf, CT.
Using a leash rack enabled us to have a leash handy by the door… but we were still continuously searching for the all important ball. We designed this rack complete with a ball holder shelf, as well as pegs and a hook for your leash/collar. This rack has a removable back so you can insert your favorite photo and update it as often as you like!

Time to go for a walk??? Time to feed the dog??? You will keep track of time in style with our wall clock.
Clocks available with brass or black hands.

The dog featured on this clock is our own Kiddie vom Kirschental

Carry All for Show Kit, Whelping Supplies, or Essentials
(shampoos, sprays, brush, nail clipper etc.)
When you have as many Shepherds as we do, you begin to collect a wide assortment of shampoos, brushes, nail clippers, sprays, ointments, collars, etc. When you need them, these supplies never seem to be where you think you last put them! We developed a carry all to hold & organize all these things. I use one for misc. supplies, & another for my whelping essentials (thermometer, Vaseline, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, floss, scissors, Karo syrup, Tube feeding equipment, Esbilac, gloves, disinfectant spray, etc...this holds it all!). Contents not included.
Clocks available with brass or black hands.

The dog featured on this clock is our own Kiddie vom Kirschental

Carry All for Show Kit, Whelping Supplies, or Essentials
(shampoos, sprays, brush, nail clipper etc.)
The Travel Box

For many years, we have shown horses. When we travel to shows, we always have a “tack box” full of essential items. Traveling to dog shows and events also means hauling equipment, so we developed this Dog version of the horse tack box.

Our box features a deep bottom to hold equipment such as a sleeve or tug toys/balls/treats/harness. The top tray organizes small items such as a clicker, whistle, brush, collars, leash. The lid features a cork board for pinning up class list/program/paperwork/number.

Other Items

We also carry seasonal items such as Christmas ornaments (sorry, no custom designs on these.), and a variety of small novelties; magnets, key holders, Welcome silhouette. Watch our site for additional items coming soon.
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