A Very Special Thank you to two Very Special People

Every once in a while, someone touches our lives in a way that leaves an indelible imprint.  Over the past couple years, the path my life has taken was largely influenced by Karl & Marion Fuller and by the wonderful dogs they have brought into my life. Each one of these animals is priceless to me. I owe them a debt of gratitude for each one, but most especially, for their decision to send me Sherry.

My obsession with Sherry began in the Fuller’s kitchen, when Sherry was a puppy, and I had come to visit. I always said I had no interest in a male dog. But Sherry found his way into my head, and I couldn’t forget him, even after I returned home, elated that Karl agreed to sell me two bitches I had chosen.
Sherry was not for sale, and I knew it was more than likely he never would be. Marion had said he was “The best male they had bred since Eiko.,” and people don’t part with a dog like that!! But, I dreamed about him. I drove Marion crazy asking about him, his progress, how he was developing, his show results, his training, if I could see new photos.

When Sherry was old enough to sire litters, I bred my young bitch, Xeniali vom Kirschental to him, and I kept THREE puppies back, including a son. Still, I dreamed of having Sherry. I begged Marion to let Sherry come to me when he “retired”, so he could live out his life in my home. I was obsessed with him and convinced I was fated to have him.  Circumstances arose, and Marion tried to tell me gently as she could, that Sherry would likely be sold, and thus he would not after all, be able to retire here with me in old age.  He came very close to disappearing to a far off land, where I imagined, he’d never be heard from again in the USA or Europe. I was heartbroken.
To me, Sherry was more than a stud dog or a show dog or a famous champion.

He was a dog who had captured my heart, an individual, a friend, destined to be my dog. To me, Sherry was never about money or what he could DO for me.

I knew in my head that business is business, and it seemed futile to hope Sherry would ever be here. I think that, during this time, while I waited for news that Sherry was gone, my friends and family thought I was more than a little crazy. I still maintained an intuition – a hope – that he was “supposed” to be with me. Everyone around me told me I needed to let the idea go.

But, in the end, Karl and Marion arranged to send Sherry to me.
Sherry is everything I ever dreamed he would be. How often do our dreams turn out to be as good in reality’s light? But, this one did!

I don’t know how I can ever express my thanks in a way that matches the magnitude of my feelings about this!
But, I would be remiss if I didn’t post something here, for all to read.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Karl and Marion Fuller to whom I owe so very much!! The World is a better place for people like the Fullers being in it!!!!

(And the World is a better place for the wonderful dogs the Fullers have bred, being in it!!!)
Last Updated: 23 May 2008
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