Introducing 2x V1 BSZS-HGH Sieger 2006/ 2007
SchH3 HGH KKL1 "a" h/e
Imported from Zwinger vom Kirschental in Germany

Now residing & at stud in the USA
We think very highly of Sherry vom Kirschental & we are absolutely ecstatic about adding him to our program. Just three years old, Sherry has already proven himself in work, earning his SchH3 & his HGH. His character is excellent; he is a social dog who gets along with people and other animals & loves to play with his ball. Sherry is passing his deep pigment, his character, and his drive to his offspring.

We have followed Sherry since he was quite young & we bred to him at the first opportunity. From that breeding, we kept back THREE of his progeny; two lovely daughters & a super son. It has been our dream for some time to be able to bring Sherry to the USA. It is with great pride that we announce his arrival & his availability at stud to approved females.

We will occasionally offer some of Sherry's progeny for sale!

Our litters sired by Sherry often sell out just after they are whelped & we recommend reserving early!
Sherry's Pedigree
Sherry's Progeny
(Sherry vom Kirschental x Xeniali vom Kirschental)
OFA Good/Normal
In Memory Of

Amerigo vom Traumhof

(V Kiddie v. Kirschental, HGH X V Talko v. Kirschental, HGH)
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Sherry Working Sheep
2008 Show Results
Sherry at work herding.
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Sherry on the cover of the July/August 2008 GSDCA-WDA Newsletter!
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(Sherry Kirschental x Xeniali Kirschental)
VP1 Every time shown in 2008, including 3-6 Canadian Sieger Show Puppy Class Sieger!

Evander is an exceptional puppy; masculine, deeply pigmented, balanced, & always looking for fun!

Evander's show career continued in 2009, with an SG1 in Ct. under Judge Kartheiser, followed by SG3 in Long Island 5/09 and SG3 in Ct 6/09.

Evander was SG1 at the USA New England Regional Conformation Show in 2009

Evander was SG1 his only time shown in 2010, USA NE Regional!
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(Amy von den Blauen Bergen x Sherry vom Kirschental)
Kipling is co-owned with Darlene and Scott Clark
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Preparing to Breed Your Bitch
Goliath Vom Traumhof
(Sherry vom Kirschental x Amy v d Blauen Bergen)
Some of Sherry's Sons
UPDATE: Sherry proved to be the true cornerstone of our breeding program. He produced superb progeny & exceeded our wildest expectations as a stud dog. We took our first progeny group (Sherry's) to the Canadian Sieger Show in 2008 & Sherry' s progeny group was placed FIRST.  His sons and daughters have won countelss classes, many are titled  - both in Schutzhund and HGH. Many of his progeny are also titled in the AKC arena & still others are certified SAR dogs and Therapy dogs. Sherry is retired from breeding but his legacy lives on in his sons and daughters - and now in his grandkids and great grandkids.
He is a once in a lifetime dog. Sherry could breed a female, go to work Herding,
next day go to the Schutzhund field and transition easily to whatever was asked of him. He always gave 100% in any work. Then, you could trust him to hang out with crowds of people, kids, puppies. He is and always will be, my version of the perfect dog!
V Lion vom Valtenberg IPO1, KKL1, "a" BSZS SG31 son of VA Fred Rumbachtal
Banner's son Remington
We are thrilled to welcome Lion to the USA! Our foundation sire, Sherry Kirschental is the backbone to Traumhof's breeding program. Much thought and research went into selecting a male to incorporate for the future, to cross on Sherry's daughters, grand daughters, great grand daughters. Lion brings a superb pedigree, excellent show record, work ability, and most importantly, a very confident and sound character. He is 100% trustworthy with my toddler; a requirement for dogs living here.